How to maintain wooden home furniture

If you love having a natural and casual style, wooden furniture is without a doubt your preference. Everything from wooden to stainless steel materials require proper maintenance to last longer. This wooden furniture is the fashion in many homes currently and can have a long lifespan if treated and protected well. If you possess wooden beautiful furniture in your home, we are about to share a few tips on how to maintain your wooden home furniture.

Avoid much exposure to the sun

We know sunlight is good for human beings but not for your wooden home furniture. If you need to increase your home fittings lifespan, then avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Leaving them exposed to the sun especially during the summer season can destroy them. Sunlight dries out and contracts the wood resulting in cracks. Also, the color of your furniture will fade away.

Do not place hot objects on furniture

You possibly want to prolong the lifespan of your furniture. Wooden furniture can cause a fire if you put a hot object on it especially one that can burn it. Even if the object you place on it can’t burn it, it is likely to damage it in a way. Additionally, avoid putting wet objects on your wooden furniture as they can damage it. If there are any spills, ensure you wipe them out on time.

Regular dusting

Your furniture is most likely to catch dust. Ensure you dust your home fittings once in a week using a soft cloth. Clean the surface to maintain the look of your chair. You still want your wooden chair to have a beautiful look even in the years to come.


Re-wax regularly

If your wooden home furniture is finished with oil and wax, we suggest that you re-wax your oil and wax fittings with paste wax once a year. You can do it after every six months. It can help to maintain the smooth feel of your furnishings.


Cleanliness is second to Godliness, they say. Apart from dusting, make sure you clean your furnishings regularly. After all, you don’t want the stains to stick to your cloth or your visitor. If your fittings have a plastic covering, using all-purpose sprays won’t hurt. Cleaning wood with water is not recommended. However, if there are sticky spots, use water and soap to clean them.


One reason why wooden furniture is considered durable is that most of the repairs are easy to fix. Some of the repairs do not require an expert, but you can do it yourself. Ensure you always fix any repairs as soon as you notice them before they get big. If they are hard to fix, and can’t find wood repair kit that cannot damage the finish, call your expert.


Wood furniture is an excellent way to have a stylish and natural looking home. It is a great investment but requires proper maintenance. If gums are sticking to you furniture ensure you remove them when cleaning.