How to maintain wooden home furniture

If you love having a natural and casual style, wooden furniture is without a doubt your preference. Everything from wooden to stainless steel materials require proper maintenance to last longer. This wooden furniture is the fashion in many homes currently and can have a long lifespan if treated and protected well. If you possess wooden beautiful furniture in your home, we are about to share a few tips on how to maintain your wooden home furniture.

Avoid much exposure to the sun

We know sunlight is good for human beings but not for your wooden home furniture. If you need to increase your home fittings lifespan, then avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Leaving them exposed to the sun especially during the summer season can destroy them. Sunlight dries out and contracts the wood resulting in cracks. Also, the color of your furniture will fade away.

Do not place hot objects on furniture

You possibly want to prolong the lifespan of your furniture. Wooden furniture can cause a fire if you put a hot object on it especially one that can burn it. Even if the object you place on it can’t burn it, it is likely to damage it in a way. Additionally, avoid putting wet objects on your wooden furniture as they can damage it. If there are any spills, ensure you wipe them out on time.

Regular dusting

Your furniture is most likely to catch dust. Ensure you dust your home fittings once in a week using a soft cloth. Clean the surface to maintain the look of your chair. You still want your wooden chair to have a beautiful look even in the years to come.


Re-wax regularly

If your wooden home furniture is finished with oil and wax, we suggest that you re-wax your oil and wax fittings with paste wax once a year. You can do it after every six months. It can help to maintain the smooth feel of your furnishings.


Cleanliness is second to Godliness, they say. Apart from dusting, make sure you clean your furnishings regularly. After all, you don’t want the stains to stick to your cloth or your visitor. If your fittings have a plastic covering, using all-purpose sprays won’t hurt. Cleaning wood with water is not recommended. However, if there are sticky spots, use water and soap to clean them.


One reason why wooden furniture is considered durable is that most of the repairs are easy to fix. Some of the repairs do not require an expert, but you can do it yourself. Ensure you always fix any repairs as soon as you notice them before they get big. If they are hard to fix, and can’t find wood repair kit that cannot damage the finish, call your expert.


Wood furniture is an excellent way to have a stylish and natural looking home. It is a great investment but requires proper maintenance. If gums are sticking to you furniture ensure you remove them when cleaning.

How to choose fabric for your home bedroom furniture

You want to know how to choose fabric for your home bedroom furniture because you want because you want your sofas to look stylish and appealing. Whether you are purchasing furniture for your new home or refashioning your home, choosing the right fabric for your furnishings is imperative. If the furniture is for your living room, the fabric you choose will create the first impression of your home to your visitors. Below are few things you should take into consideration.

Type of material

Choosing the right type of fabric for the bedroom furniture fabric is necessary. But this does not mean choosing just any material. You should first consider where the furnishings are going to be used and the purpose. For example, living room furniture will require sturdy material because this is where the entire family hangs around every day. We suggest you choose synthetic fiber fabrics because they are stronger than cotton. Synthetic fibers are likely to have a long lifespan hence protecting your furniture for an extended period as well. It is useless to choose a material that is going to wear out the next day.

Stain resistant

If you are looking fabric for your dining chairs, it is nice that you choose stain resistant materials such as wool. This is where everyone is going to spend time eating especially the kids. They are likely to spill some soup over it. Obviously, you do not want material will hold stain and damage the design and look of your furniture. It is good if you choose synthetic fibers. This is because they are somewhat harder to dye and therefore they will not hold stains.

Cost of fabric

There is a common misconception that expensive is always good. The price of the bedroom material does not necessarily mean that it will be of high quality. Also, buy something that is within your budget. You can always get cheap fabric that is of high quality. Before you make a decision, it is good to know that natural fibers are more expensive to produce than synthetic ones.

Fade resistance

This factor is imperative, but it is often ignored. Consider where you are going to place your furniture. If it is near the window where there is plenty of sunlight fade resistant fabric can be suitable for these needs. Furnishings exposed to sunlight are likely to fade, and that is why you should choose a fade resistant material.

Fabric style

We all have our styles that we would love to see in our homes. This cannot be complete if everything from material to furniture have different styles. Choose material that goes together with both the piece of furniture and the inner decoration of your house. This aspect adds uniqueness to your home.


More often than not people forget to consider their pets when choosing furniture cloth. If you love and keep one, do not select delicate fabric materials such as sleek. Select pet-friendly materials so you can keep your pet safe.

Factors to consider when choosing home furniture

Shopping for home furniture can be cool and also hard. But it is evident that all you want is to have comfortable, stylish furniture for your home. The right furniture for your home is one that mirrors your fashion and creates a unified interior. There are several factors you should consider when selecting your home furniture. Check out below for some essential factors to take into consideration when choosing furniture for your home.

Cost of furniture

First things first, you are obviously not going to purchase your furniture with bare hands. You will need some cash. Taking the cost of the furniture into consideration is very critical. Go for something that you can afford. Before you purchase, ensure you check online about the pricing. Know what type of material you want and how much it costs. If you are looking for hardwood frame or genuine leather cushions, then you should be aware that these are likely to be costly. Buy furniture that is within your budget.


Before you purchase your furniture, it is nice that you consider space. If space is small, then an oversized sofa could take over your room. This only means that the area of your room determines that size of furniture you are going to have. Additionally, you should also consider how the furniture is going to be placed in the room. If you are purchasing for a living room with ample space, large furniture is a good fit. It can help divide the dining area and the living room.


Quality is an essential aspect when purchasing any product. Having size and the cost of furniture in mind can assist to decide the quality that fits your needs. The quality of your home furniture can also be determined by the period you are going to use the fittings. If you intend to use your furniture for an extended period, then it is goods to purchase high-quality furnishings so you can get the value of your money. Inquire from friends and relatives so you can know which one is good and how long can it last.


We are in a modern world where everyone wants to look stylish. Do not purchase furniture for the sake of buying. Consider the design of your home and purchase on furnishings that harmonize it. It is not a must that the fittings match with the design, but they should correspond. Don’t choose something that will be out of place and displace the style of your home.


The material of your furniture is essential. It is necessary that it corresponds with your lifestyle and visual style. Choosing what can work for your and the rest of your family for example pets and children. Choose a stylish material.




It is necessary to keep in mind that different sections of your home have different needs. Consider this also when buying your furniture. For example, living room furniture is distinct from the kid’s bedroom furniture.